current work

The focus of my current work is the effects of dementia on both memory and identity. Some of the early pieces explore the innocuous language used to describe memory loss, when the reality is far from that.
My present work is attempting to explore how memory fragments, is often out of context, and affects other people as well as the person with the condition. Working with Matthew Harris, I developed a theme of ‘Afterwards’ which has a resonance as much for carers as for sufferers. Those who live in the present can have no concept of the future, whilst there is a future for carers but coloured by grief and guilt.
I have also been casting empty pockets using plaster as a metaphor for loss and grief. Combined with photographs of hands, this work formed the basis of my MA final project. This work has led me on to my newest strand – handkerchiefs and their beauty and particular characteristics. Watch this space!

As part of the textile group unFOLD, I created a piece of work for the Curious as an Object exhibition at the 2016 Knitting & stitching shows. This was based on a journalling exercise I did throughout the year recording sound on a particular beach near my home. The work depicts sound, tidal ranges, and findings from the beach all presented in a linear diary format for the year. This work has given me the confidence to tackle ideas outside of my existing series on dementia and apply concepts of identity and the human condition to other work.

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