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  1. Christine I am inspired by your work and looking forward to next week’s challenge in the Textile Artists Community group.

    I think ‘Faint Hope’ is extremely moving. Can you tell me a bit about it please. Also what sizes are most of your works? Thanks Eve Clark

    1. Thank you so much Eve. I am also looking forward to seeing how everyone approaches the challenge.
      Thank you for your kind words about Faint Hope. It is one of my personal favourites, even after all these years.
      I made it in response to a personal medical crisis within the family and the central panel comprises of tracings of all the cards and good wishes I had when I was going through this ordeal, and the outside panels were all the words and phrases from the medical staff at the time. I chose hexagons and EPP as I was attempting to enter a competition called Transforming Traditions and I was fascinated by hexagons and in particular what the papers tell us about the maker. So I decided to focus on those papers, rather than the fabric coverings. I didn’t get accepted into the competition!
      Most of my works are large as I enter quilt exhibitions and you have to work large for those! Faint Hope is one of the smallest at 42″x28″

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