I teach at my own studio in Eastbourne (Studio 11) and at various venues in the country. I also give talks within a 30 mile radius, and can be contacted via the form on the Contact page.

The subjects I teach concentrate mainly on print or dye based work with or without stitch; design into print; or developing personal responses.

I have also introduced online courses into my portfolio and will be rolling these out gradually over the next 6 months (from June 2020). If you are interested in these please follow the link to Studio 11 Online Courses.

Also I have developed a Mentoring Scheme for textile artists – whatever the medium. This involves working together, reviewing current work and working practices, setting goals and action planning to achieve those goals, and follow up tutorials to review progress. These can be repeated over a period of a year with 2-3 meetings to review work and progress. For details please use form on the Contact Page

More details about Studio 11 and the courses I teach there can be found at this link: Studio 11

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  1. Hello, I live in Brussels, visit London regularly. I love working with textiles, yarns, bits and pieces, but don’t fit into any category. I am 78 so don’t want to attend academies etc, don’t go for the traditional patchwork either, except maybe crazy patchwork, get stuck regularly, and in view of my age I’d like to lose less time procratinating between projects. Help!

    It would be no problem for me to come to Eastbourne for a weekend or more for a mentoring . What can you advise me, please.

    I have no website but could mail photos.

    1. Hi Barbara
      If you work with me you definitely won’t be doing traditional patchwork!
      I think mentoring would work for you but unfortunately I don’t have any spare time until 2019! I am working towards 2 major exhibitions and am madly stitching all the time I am not teaching.
      Do you use Pinterest? I usually suggest that mentees share a couple of Pinterest boards with me that have their work on so that saves having to transfer big files by e mail.
      I will e mail you the Course Information Sheet which outlines the mentoring programme and fees in more detail and then you will also have my e mail address.

  2. I came to Christine’s studio feeling not yet as an artist, whit a body of work but with many doubts about how to advance from it. I took her Mentoring Programme and my goal was generally to “found my voice.” That was totally achieved! After deepening on the things that I discovered at Christine’s studio, I feel like a textile artist. Before, I was at a point where solo work was driven me out of focus, spending too many energies on things that were not fundamental. At the same time, I did not know how to push myself further. I needed someone from outside with an objective and professional view that could see the potential of what I have. Christine was perfect for that! She told me my strengths but also challenge me to leave my comfort zone. At her studio, I found myself with the time and space to experiment productively and creatively. I came back to my studio with renovated questions and new fundamental discoveries that are the substance of a new strong body of work.

    Thanks, Christine
    I have found my voice at your studio!

  3. Christine, I just watched the textile artist video. In it you mention online classes.
    I am not finding them here. Could you let me know where to look?

    Love your work!
    I am working on pieces regarding ancestry as well as wanting to look at a botched abortion I had at 18. I’m now treat to human rights in many ways has me wanting to study more and hVe a voice with it!
    Best to you

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